Tuesday, July 5, 2011

jagi vasudev's speech on female fertility

திரு ஜக்கி வாசுதேவ் அவர்களின் உன்னதமான உரையினை கேட்பீராக...

கேட்கிற எவரும் கசிந்துருகக்கூடும்..



  1. Believe in oneself! Never believe any Guru's particularly who has give Samathi (!) to his own wife! All these self style corporate gurus who run these yogashalas as business empires ( Ramdev case! ) are there to swindle govt. property, forest land in the name of some simple Hatha Yoga Technique. Obviously their language skills come to the fore.

  2. dear vijay..
    perhaps his inner sins may opaque to everyone.. but vijay, his concepts are very transparent and seductive. before his intelligence, maybe his cruelty even vanishes..i felt little embarrassed to quote him as a sinner and cruel minded.. jaggi is such an innocent.. so many peoples like yourself guessed him negatively.. but sure simultaneously so many like myself too keep faith on him and his speech and his EVERYTHING..
    BUT nothing wrong in it vijay..


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